What Does It Take for an Office to Be Innovative?

Innovation and innovative ideas are among the most top agendas at this moment. This trend is forcing the companies to be more adaptive and acrobatic than ever before. Due to lack of innovation, many companies have fallen in the yesteryear’s especially from last five to six years. However, many companies have embraced this change and are finding themselves in a perfect position by creating an innovative environment in their offices.


The innovative design & fit-out management of an office can surely contribute to its growth and development. It, however, can’t create a culture of innovation but can support the efforts and ideas for sure. Designing the office spaces in such a way that it encourages the potential of innovation that lies within it. Take an example of most innovative organizations in the world like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. They have the most innovative office in the world and each of them is designed in such a way that everything about their office reflects their uniqueness and innovations. Innovation flows through each department, team, its corridor and perhaps everything related to the office. Innovation is not an individual stuff but a team initiative that involves a large group of disciplines that come with their ideas and thoughts.


The next thing that comes in mind is how to maximize¬†innovation the innovation goals in your company. You don’t need any rocket science to achieve this. All it needs is to be ingrained with the daily working process. Weekly or monthly workshops can surely help that connects the people of different departments across the organization to come together and produce the innovations that solve the organizations most challenging issues and problems. Such sessions are required to teach your team about the tools of innovation and how to deliver on these within the specified time limits. Such processes can turn your staff into more innovative and creative people besides will mark the beginning of the change in culture to a more innovative one.


Spaces and processes can support the innovation drive in your organization. But ultimately it is the culture of the office that defines how successful and far the efforts can go. The support and willingness from the staff are required to make it to a most innovative office. It is the team game, after all. Innovation comes with ideas, they may come in bulk or meager. Getting ideas is a part of innovation but how to make it a reality is a challenging task to do. To take the innovation from the idea to its execution, a diverse yet skillful team is needed.

Such team is a difficult task to gather. First you need an idea creator to mark the innovation, then a business expert and finally a marketing analyst that gets it done. It is rather difficult to gather all of them right, but a space that is designed in accordance with the proper have a greater probability to succeed in the innovation efforts.


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