Top 3 Secure Credit Card Companies

There are thousands of credit card companies out there. However, there are some credit cards more secure than others. Let’s take a look at the top three:

Number 3
One of the most secure credit card companies I know is Capital One. If you lose your card, it’s ok: You can report it, and the company will monitor your account closely, in order to help you track the culprit. There’s also 24 hour identity theft surveillance, to ensure maximum security.

Number 2
Visa is also a very secure credit card company. Like Capital One, they have 24 hour identity theft surveillance, as well as a 24 hour hotline where you can report a card lost or stolen. As soon as the report comes in, the card goes on lockdown, so that you don’t lose any money. Not only do they monitor your credit card, they will also send you a replacement credit card in the event of a lost or stolen credit card, after your previous account has been closed, and you don’t even have to reapply!

Number 1
When it comes to security, I prefer MasterCard. No matter which one you get, you have the peace of mind that only identity security can bring. They ensure that you are protected in every way possible, and compensate you if something doesn’t work the way it was supposed to. They also have more secure ways to pay your credit card balance off than anyone else in the market, with secure online transactions, private, customized payment plans, and the best credit security in the world.

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