Time to Surf in Amazing Fiji

You pack your bags and go out for a surf vacation in Fiji. When you land there, you get to know that you are not allowed access to most of the best points for surfing! Not anymore! There were many instances of surfers being denied access because they could not get access to places having private ownerships to these points. There had even been instances of surfers being harassed on grounds of trespassing. Well there is great news.

The Fiji Government has now passed a decree which will allow public access to these high points of pure surfing pleasure. The scenario before was pretty dismal for surfers. The world class waves which are truly a surfers dream were allowed access previously though private resorts like the Tavarua resort. These resorts while having exclusive rights also made it very expensive to surf in Fiji. So now when you go out to surf in Fiji you need not worry about the surfing through the Private expensive places. Fiji is one of the best places for surfing. Since costs are pretty low here, you can get world class experience at very reasonable rates. And now thanks to the new decree, it is even easier to surf, so now that surfing is open to all you need to know the surfing scenario.

The climate here in Fiji is perfect for surfing. Fiji experiences tropical climate. The pristine blue waves of the Pacific Ocean have always been inviting. One of the world’s largest coral reefs is located here; in fact it is the world’s third largest reef which allows for a number of break point here. So which is the best time to surf here? The best season for surfing would be the time between April to September. The wind directions along with land topography make Fiji one of the World’s best places for surfing.

There are three regions in Fiji Nyheter which are ideal for surfing. Those three regions are in locations around Nadi, around the Pacific Harbor and in Kedavu. If you are into surfing and have gone surfing at other locations then you must know that most of these places are crowded and to get your turn you need to wait for a long time. Not here in Fiji! The beaches are way less crowded and thus you will probably not have to wait in a queue. Most of the surfing points have to be reached in boats. It is advisable to check on the weather news and get an idea about the tides as you would not want to be stuck in the wrong site on the wrong day.

Fiji is making surfing even more accessible for all you surf fanatics. Right now Fiji is the place to be. This time is truly the high tide in surfing experience. Do not miss it.

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