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December 25, 2014
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Dr Stephen ElderidgeBRASS groups have traditionally provided the sound recording to England’s industrialised North. Can it be just a cliché or perhaps is here sociological and historical substance to this musical meeting? A University of Huddersfield specialist on part of metal songs in working class communities and tradition of region will explore the topic in a few free speaks that'll in addition enable the public to examine fascinating archival product.

Dr Stephen Etheridge (pictured) – a trombone player himself – has-been awarded his PhD within University, for a thesis entitled “Slate-Grey Rain and Polished Euphoniums”: south Pennine Brass Bands. The working-class in addition to North, c. 1840-1914.

This will be in addition the name and motif of his training course, happening during the University of Huddersfield’s Heritage Quay archives center. There are three sessions on Wednesdays 3, 10 and 24 February, 2016 (from 6.30pm to 8.30pm) and COMPLIMENTARY places can be reserved by going to .

Slaithwaite Brass BandThe course will analyze the annals of metal rings when you look at the areas surrounding Huddersfield, with a certain consider historic product from Slaithwaite Band, which has deposited its archives in the University’s history Quay Archive. The sessions will draw on several of this material while they assist shed light on exactly how and just why the bands are such a robust icon of class and area in western Yorkshire additionally the broader south Pennines.

Dr Etheridge will describe his results, hold talks with the audience and show a number of the initial product he obtained during their researches.

The Victorian need that working classes should practice “rational recreation” led industrialists to subsidise their staff’ rings, buying tools and uniforms.

“I believe the bands had been completely complicit, because they knew how exactly to manipulate companies to get the money!” stated Dr Etheridge.

There was a colossal thickness of bands inside South Pennine regions of Lancashire and Yorkshire and they became a significant focus when it comes to neighborhood, with brass musical organization competitions being followed avidly.

“They had been great times out for the entire community. When it comes to 1857 Belle Vue contest in Manchester, the mills of the Rossendale Valley had been shut for the day. It really is an atmosphere that may be sampled by a trip into the Whit Friday musical organization competitions in Saddleworth – living history, ” said Dr Etheridge.

Stephen Etheridge played trombone when you look at the Staffordshire Youth Brass Band before moving to Yorkshire to analyze within Leeds university of Music. This led to career as a freelance trombonist and instructor before changing to scholastic study, culminating inside the University of Huddersfield doctorate.


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