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March 14, 2016
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I happened to be lucky enough to see Eli teenage Band play a little exclusive program away from Chicago earlier this month. Therefore was the sort of show where you can hear every word of every story the musical organization ended up being telling.

Like one frontman Mike Eli informed by what happened to him initially he saw Garth Brooks in concert.

“My parents introduced us to a few Garth Brooks concerts whenever I had been a youngster, ” Eli informed the crowd. “The very first one, however, which was the night time I arrived home and informed my parents that which was the things I wanted to do with my entire life. Imaginable I experienced two very different responses. Mother said, ‘Son, you choose to go nowadays and you also follow your dreams. If anybody can take action, you'll.'”

Sounds about right. He added, “That’s what moms are supposed to say, right?”

Eli’s father, though, was not exactly on a single page.

“Dad had anything very different to express. He stated, ‘Son. The very last 10 years you will ever have I’ve been working three jobs so that you could have a way to check-out college and simply do something together with your life. I vow into great Lord right here, now, that if you cannot visit university, I Am Going To kick your butt.'”

Eli took his dad’s guidance and headed to University of North Texas. But he found James teenage, Jon Jones, and Chris Thompson. Along with his mom’s follow-your-dreams words stuck with him.

“Within the first few days, I found these guys, and started a musical organization, ” Eli said. “So this tune’s for many you dreamers online.”

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