TPOK ok Jazz Band

January 21, 2018
Obwakeli Ngai Bisaka - Franco

Led by important guitarist and songwriter Franco (produced: Francois Luambo Makiadi), TPOK Jazz assisted to lay the foundation for Congolese noise. Combining Cuba’s child and rhumba tradition with main African impacts, the group supplied some of the best party music in the future away from Africa inside sixties, ’70s, and very early ’80s. Sam Mangwana and Papa Noel had been early bandmembers. Formed in 1955, TPOK Jazz took its title through the OK Bar, where they served as home band. While they recorded since 1956, the group suffered from the volatile political conditions that used the emancipation regarding the Congo in 1960 and temporarily relocated to Belgium. Returning to their homeland, after Mobutu thought the united states’s presidency, TPOK Jazz rose to the top echelon of African music. Their records sold well while their particular concerts sold-out well ahead of time. Their success proceeded after the band divided in to two devices, one situated in Europe and one based in Zaire. TPOK Jazz’s fortunes begun to disintegrate inside belated ’80s whenever Franco was identified as having helps with 1987. He passed away 2 yrs afterwards October 12, 1989. The team’s popularity, however, has actually continued to grow. In 2001, the Music Network revealed The Rough Guide to Franco, featuring many paths taped aided by the musical organization.

The way we came across:

We had been into the Congo recording brand-new tracks around the world when we found The TP OK Jazz Band. On our 2nd day's shooting, we found this group of amazing musicians in Kinshasa and in a few minutes they certainly were playing united states some tracks and revealing their tales. These artists really represent the heart of the Congo in addition they teach united states that even in awful conditions the artist additionally the musician must arise to carry delight and hope to those who'll tune in.

Franco & Le TPOK Jazz- Tembe Luntandila (Gerry Dialungana
Franco & Le TPOK Jazz- Tembe Luntandila (Gerry Dialungana ...
Franco & TPOK Jazz Souvenirs OK Jazz
Franco & TPOK Jazz Souvenirs OK Jazz
Les On Dit – Baniel, Nana and TPOK Jazz, Paroles, Lyrics
Les On Dit – Baniel, Nana and TPOK Jazz, Paroles, Lyrics ...

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