Top Ten Jazz Bands

October 23, 2014
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SPAIN-JAZZ FESTIVAL-WINTON MARSALISUS jazz musician Wynton Marsalis plays trumpet in 2003. Photograph: Rafa Rivas/AFP/GETTYIMAGES

Charles Mingus 1922-79

People understand Mingus as a pioneering bass player, but if you ask me he is many raucous and inventive author of their period. His music has the energy of a revolution and, without a doubt, soundtracked numerous revolutions through the 50s and 60s. I happened to be 15, conscious of the thing that was inside charts and flitting between party songs, indie rock and pop music, along with his particular type of free-form spoke in my experience as a rejection of this mainstream. You'll find nothing courteous about it, but I responded to their type of dirty jazz tinged with violence in a positive way. It appeared to be the epitome of rebellion, yet educational.

John Coltrane 1926-67

By 19, I became discovering the math of jazz, that will be difficult for someone with no grasp of maths. Coltrane could be the master of well-formulated, completely composed songs. He also played a really spiritual style of jazz. It was virtually religious. You might even say he channelled the divine through his sax. It was A Love Supreme from 1965 that I related to. It took a bit, for some reason getting into Coltrane believed like a slow process, but he taught me personally the fundamentals, therefore it is no real surprise i obtained into him once I was using a-year out after school to decide how to proceed with my life. He was my epiphany.

Mary Lou Williams 1910-81

Mary Lou spanned the complete reputation for jazz. She started off playing in a-swing band and relocated every ten years into a unique arena of music, doing modal material in seventies, and later playing avant-garde. I ran across the lady on a jazz compilation I found in Oxfam. The tune was "Zodiac Suite" and I also had been staggered that she was able to straddle both jazz and classical music. She was mostly of the jazz performers to be accepted because of the ancient world, plus played in Carnegie Hall with an orchestra. She was an excellent composer, pianist and coach therefore the key lady in jazz.

Herbie Hancock 1940-

Herbie Hancock is amongst the few jazz pianists who progressed using the times. From fusion funk through to electronic songs making use of synthesizers and toys, he's always been means ahead. It absolutely was Head Hunters, the record that fused funk and soul with pop music, that We fell in love with. We grew up in west country with little to no exposure to jazz and although I becamen't rejecting pop, I understood there was clearly even more to songs. Through Herbie, electro and drum'n'bass, I created a knowledge of improvisation. We make an effort to function somewhere within Herbie and Ben Folds all of the time.

Nat King Cole 1919-65

By my late adolescents I became actually getting into the singers. Nat King Cole was children name and I adored their vocals but was not to the big orchestral pieces. At an archive shop this guy handed myself accurate documentation of him performing Gershwin, Cole Porter, that design, with strings and a piano, and I realised this is the Cole i desired to emulate. He was an immense skill in his own right as a jazz performer, not just using big band stuff. I suppose I was, by then, a music snob and geek and consciously rejecting apparent, available jazz. Playing Cole's alternative part made me personally believe I was to be a snob.

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