Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3

November 2, 2016

boxshotGarritan Jazz & Big Band 3

Something Garritan Jazz & Big Band?

Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 is advanced pc software that reproduces the sounds of musical devices in a jazz and big musical organization, from the comfort of your computer or laptop. This award-winning collection may be the very first library of the sort and set a fresh standard.

Jazz & Big Band 3 features trumpets, trombones, comprehensive 16 Saxophones collection, winds, keyboards, basses, rhythm section - over 50 individual devices. Generate realistic-sounding Jazz & Big Band arrangements easily and quickly.

Extra Instruments and Ensemble Presets

JABB3 today combines the top-notch Ambience reverb because of the ARIA athlete and has individual mixing delivers for each instrument. Stereo Stage imparts spacious stereo imagery the GPO4 instruments.

Ensemble Maker

Garritan Jazz & Big Band provides the instruments you need to create your very own Jazz ensembles and big bands one instrument at a time. Create solos, duos, trios, Jazz ensembles, or a complete huge musical organization.

Intuitive Controls

The controls in Garritan Jazz & Big Band tend to be structured and standardized, to ver quickly become acquainted with the library. Enhanced functions, such as shakes, fall offs, tongue slurs and automatic variability can be accessible for realistic results with minimal energy.

Notation Integration to try out from Score

Enjoy great-sounding Jazz and Big Band arrangements right from significant notation programs or by using the Garritan Studio.

Universal Structure

Garritan Jazz & Big Band aids all preferred platforms, both Windows & Macintosh, either as a stand-alone program or as a plug-in (VST, Dxi, RTAS, and OS X AudioUnits). Garritan Jazz & Big Band instruments also load into Kontakt, Native Instruments′ leading sampler. A complete huge musical organization can be loaded on a single PC or laptop computer with enough RAM.

The Industry′s first Jazz & Big Band Library

  • Featuring Trumpets, Trombones, Comprehensive Saxophone collection, Keyboards, Rhythm Section - over 50 specific Instruments.
  • Create Realistic-Sounding Jazz & Big Band Arrangements Easily And Quickly. Grow your Own Bands and Jazz Ensembles
  • Includes NI KONTAKT Test Player. Works together Notation Programs. Great-sounding Instruments with Expressive Control.
  • Tongue ⁄ Slur Articulations, Intonation, Vibrato, prolonged Ranges of Instruments, Variety of Mutes & More.
  • In one computer or laptop, Mac or Computer, Standalone, VST, DX, AU, RTAS, works in RAM

The best-selling Jazz & Big Band sample collection is now even better.

  • ARIA Advanced Instrument System
    The newest form of Jazz & Big Band includes the higher level new ARIA engine. The ARIA engine is a highly-optimized sample player featuring efficient overall performance, fast test loading, and reduced CPU-demand. The ARIA engine is in use in products from Microsoft, SONY, AKAI and MakeMusic and is extensively tested. It really works as a Standalone, Plug-in (VST - AudioUnits -RTAS), and supported notation programs.
  • Extra Instruments and Ensemble Presets
    Besides JABB′s 50+ instruments (see instrument number below), this brand new version includes seven body organs, slap basses, harmonica and banjo. There are also extended ranges on some instruments and Ensemble Presets.
  • Built-in Ambience & Stereo Phase
    JABB3 today integrates the high-quality Ambience reverb with the ARIA athlete and has individual mixing directs for every single tool. Stereo Stage imparts roomy stereo imagery for the GPO4 tools.
  • MIDI Playback and Tracking Functions
    The Standalone ARIA Player lets you weight and playback MIDI data. You may create sound tracks of this MIDI file or record yourself playing live!
LMHS Jazz Band 3-28-08
LMHS Jazz Band 3-28-08
Duriyasilp Jazz Big Band #3
Duriyasilp Jazz Big Band #3
第3回 Big Band Jazz Concert
第3回 Big Band Jazz Concert

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