Rock Band music Store down

October 5, 2016
Licences for old Rock Band DLC

The rockband Network, a system established in 2010 that permitted fans, musicians, plus record labels to produce music for rockband games, is closing down. Developer Harmonix revealed the headlines in a forum posting recently.

"After four many years, 2, 121 songs, and a lot of time of financial investment from probably the most talented and enthusiastic Rock Band fans around, it's time when it comes to sun to (officially) set on rock-band system, " Harmonix composed.

The organization proceeded to say that after it originally launched the Rock Band system it "had no clue" the platform would remove in the manner it did. "although we'd been able to anticipate the level of passion, we definitely cannot have predicted your RBN authors would generate a body of work that therefore quickly eclipsed the state Harmonix result, " the organization said.

In fact, Rock Band system writers have actually created 2, 121 tracks when it comes to platform, which can be simply a little over the 2, 100 Harmonix-authored tracks, including disc-based paths.

So just why is Harmonix using the rock-band system down? The company explains that following, the Rock Band Network "has been plagued with technical dilemmas, " some of that have been server-side problems at Harmonix, while others were "entirely outside our control."

Thus, Harmonix has actually decided to instead commit its sources to its other in-development games, including Fantasia: songs Evolved as well as the new Amplitude. "We're not any longer capable operate rockband system using the sort of persistence that it deserves, " Harmonix explained.

This implies Harmonix will not take tune submissions or launch brand new content through Rock Band system. However, the songs previously introduced through the Rock Band system will continue to be supplied for sale.

"we're eternally grateful to all the creators, authors, testers, labels, bands, and fans which have supported Rock Band system since its inception, " Harmonix stated. "the group only at Harmonix continues to be committed to checking out possibilities for user-generated content, as well as the power to customize your knowledge about our games. We could only hope the the next occasion we approach a similar initiative the community can be dedicated and enthusiastic as this community is."

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