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May 10, 2017
Day: Musical Band Names

how-to trademark a band titleWhat’s your musical organization name? Are you sure it’s COMPLETE musical organization title?

What I mean is, have you been certain you possess the legal rights to utilize that band or musician name whenever you create music and conduct business? Simply speaking, is your band name protected as a trademark or solution mark?

The reason why your musical organization title should really be protected by a trademark

1. Avoid duplicate musical organization brands

You don’t want to visit and capture for many years under one musical organization name, simply to know that there’s another musical organization working under the exact same title in another an element of the country (or world).

For The Reason That occasion, among you is often gonna need improve your title completely or tack on somewhat extra identifier, “Charlatans UK, ” “The All New…”

That’d suck because you’ll need to use a lot of additional effort to regain the recognition you when had because of the old musical organization title. Your musical organization name's your brand name — while you have to change it out, it is likely to cost you cash also: repressing disks or vinyl using the brand-new musical organization title, circulation costs connected with replacing your music in stores, etc.

2. Shield your website name and personal pages

Whichever band wins the trademark dispute will probably have the to claim or shut down another band’s web site and social media marketing URLs, handles, etc. You’ve worked too much building your on line presence to possess some jokers five states over eliminate your songs career energy simply because they filed the paperwork very first.

How-to see if some other person is already utilising the musical organization name you’d want to trademark

Really, Google is definitely a good place to begin. Do virtually any band names show up in a search? Or even, phew! Nonetheless it doesn’t suggest you’re free and obvious yet.

After that you’ll desire to use the browse the USPTO (united states of america Patent and Trademark Office) website to search for subscribed trademarks or cases where a trademark application is pending:

Be sure to look for comparable names and common misspellings too. If you’re however maybe not seeing any competition for the band name, it's time and energy to register the documents to register your trademark.

Having undergone this incredibly complicated and lengthy procedure myself, we strongly suggest hiring legal counsel to assist you file every thing correctly to start with (which I couldn't, and wound up regretting it).

In the event that you don’t have the budget to hire a laywer, consider “” by Michael I. Santucci (an enjoyment lawyer who targets copyright, patent, and trademark legislation) for advice on how to register your trademark your self.

Are you experiencing any trademark scary stories, in a choice of regards to processing the program or with a real trademark dispute? Write to us about it when you look at the remarks part below.

Band Names
Band Names

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