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June 23, 2016
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The eagerly expected Grade 1 component...

By Thomas Dvorak, Larry Blocher, Scott Emmons, Bruce Pearson, Darhyl S. Ramsey, and Marguerite Wilder

Created and modified by Richard Miles and Thomas Dvorak

This book may be the very first extensive try to determine and evaluate the most significant works for band previously published at the Grade 1 amount. Building on popularity of the training Music series, the book includes analyses of 53 Grade 1 works, breaking each piece on to basic level, Intermediate degree, and high level arsenal categories.

Each evaluation includes information regarding the composer and the structure, historic background, technical demands, stylistic considerations, type and construction, and recommended tracks and recommendations. The authors, all leaders in beginning band training, get together to produce compelling insights regarding critical issues facing college band administrators today.

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Resource Recording, Beginning Band, Level 1

These top-quality recordings will let you hear directly some of the most significant works previously composed for Grade 1 groups, all 53 pieces analyzed into the associated guide. You will find great music, real music, which you as well as your musical organization may be sure to love. Never before features a great deal treatment been fond of a newbie musical organization recording. An essential reference for almost any musical organization manager!

Training Music through Efficiency in Starting Band Vol. 1
Site Recordings (CD-485)

Listen to Sample Paths
MS Spring Music Concert Cadet and Beginning Band (Tap Out)
MS Spring Music Concert Cadet and Beginning Band (Tap Out)
Istreer music band beginning 2010
Istreer music band beginning 2010

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