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April 16, 2017
Band of Brothers

Battle Brothers Enemies Header truckMusic is a fundamental element of any game and many more for a fantasy game like Battle Brothers. It establishes the atmosphere for a relaxed trip to the city or a bloodcurdling combat undead during the night. Besides our regular development updates we should take the possibility to offer you insights into how the Battle Brothers music is originating your. These article is created by our songs composers Breakdown Epiphanies and has all of them clarify in their own terms their ideas, inspirations and practices behind the different music pieces of the game.


As we just completed a music make-over for the bandit faction, we wish to provide you with a quick improvement as to how the sound recording to Battle Brothers has developed during the last few months. Firstly, we are very happy to announce that online game currently features a lot more than 80 moments of music and we'll continue to create more pieces as Early Access progresses. Today we wish to display this new bandit and monster faction themes plus mention some of the music with already been in the game for a while today.

The Bandit Battle Themes

After recording the fabulous music for The purchase 1886 (which features exclusively lower sign-up devices and voices), composer Jason Graves informed a journalist he “always thought that choosing the tools you don’t use is simply as important as choosing the people that you do”. For Battle Brothers, we tried to adopt this mentality and developed different constraints while writing per faction. A lose idea the bandit faction had been “instruments it is possible to take with you on the back”. We failed to completely follow that guideline so that the pieces would nevertheless easily fit in the entire sound associated with the soundtrack but it was a great guideline to give the bandits their own signature sound. Both tracks are held by smaller percussion ensembles and lots of steel-string electric guitar, going for a variety of folk and orchestral songs. The tunes tend to be played by single instruments like a solo violin or a trumpet. (there was a pretty dominant cello sooner or later, too. That certain is clearly held around by an athletic wildman.)

The initial piece could be the more guitar-heavy of the two, with a fingerstyle center part and even some prepared electric guitar to the end. We moved for the great ol’ “let a bent paper-clip jump in the strings” method. The idea of the prepared guitar is the “prepared piano” notoriously utilized by John Cage inside the works from 1940s and 1950s.

The next track is a waltz that stops with some double bass drums and a rather unfortunate and longing sequence arrangement. Aside from the apparent subjects like battles and war we believe Battle Brothers’ world bands with your thoughts, too, the nostalgia of travelling around plus the lifetime of a small grouping of ordinary people that one day decided to stay because of the blade.

Band of Brothers - Music Video - This Dark Day
Band of Brothers - Music Video - This Dark Day
Band of Brothers - Music Video (720p)
Band of Brothers - Music Video (720p)
Band of Brothers - Music Video - Faint
Band of Brothers - Music Video - Faint

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