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February 5, 2019
Balance of Azusa |
Bandcamp App, Music Feed

Bandcamp App, Now with Musical Feed!

The songs feed happens to be in Bandcamp application, and mmff, extremely interesting time! For folks who haven’t currently skilled it on desktop computer, the feed is a superb way to discover new music by using fans whose tastes overlap your own. It demonstrates to you the experience of all followers and musicians and artists you follow, and allows you to tune in to their particular selections and brand new releases immediately. You’ll see an individual you follow buys an album, and you may listen to their most favorite track to check out what they had to say about it. We’ll explain to you an individual new begins after both you and allow you to explore their particular collection. And we’ll even provide you with an advance notice an individual you don’t follow purchases one of your more niche files, because demonstrably that is people with excellent taste whoever collection you’ll want to discover also.

In the event that you’ve already visited your feed on desktop computer, prepare to be stupefied all over again, for on cellular songs perform back to back, it is possible to explore suggested fans’ choices appropriate inline, and THE ENTIRE THING today FITS IN THE POCKET AND/OR FANNY PACK.
it is really a personalized radio place programmed exclusively by the people whoever preferences you esteem enough to follow.

If your wanting to even ask:

Why aren’t indeed there Get buttons within the iOS version? Because Apple won’t enable it. But you can easily tap the wishlist key alternatively, and we’ll occasionally email you a digest of your recently wishlisted products, along with direct links to get them. Android os, for what it is worth, has actually Buy buttons inside the software.

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